Any idea for extensions?

I like to create extensions but i dont have any idea
So i would like to ask which type of extension do you people like?
Well Now i can only make functions in extension
I cant make extension which use a “view”


A extension which return list of all contacts saved in mobile along with the phone numbers, if you can do this in a free extension it will be good or you may make it paid too as per your wish, a similar extensions exists


Good Idea,I will try it

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I’m ready to buy it already​:smiley:

We have already contact picker and phone number picker :sweat_smile:

but he mean a list of contacts to get in app
not to select from contacts app

I want an extension to open the URL on a specific page of my app when the notification is sent Or Url click

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Here we have:

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then why i started making extension:hot_face:
oh i never seen it that why

Continue your work.
You can add more features to it.

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no i just started it and got so many errors
first i should do which is not in kodular

bro i checked this video and it is called deep link
is it possible with an extension:thinking:
ya i can do it but without making extension:joy::slightly_smiling_face:
if you want solution pm me or create new topic

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You have to make an extension which can edit manifest file.

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Which extention
Send extention link please…

i cant do i bro,i dont have that much knowledge in extension development

there is no extension for it
it is to be done manually

How can do this?

create other topic for it
dont get off topic

I made an extension which can pick a phone number according to name, or vice versa.
You may find it at contacts

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create a Parallax effect extension20191008_112900.mp4 (8.4 MB)

Ou card views exemple