Preview images with webview and swipe left or right?

How do I get this picture view like this?

my blocks

photoView.apk (5.3 MB)


first of all can you give the link to extension from where you download it??

This extension is made by deep host and deep host doesn’t provide support for their own extension. Don’t use anything from deep host

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contact him by email

" Maxtern" have replaced it with web_viewer and now can I slide left or right?

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Like google play, I love it

Maybe this can help you:

There is inbuilt kodular component named image flipper

When left swipe load previous image and on right swipe load next image.

@Kenin just use viewFlipper component mentioned by @electrobot_appy read complete question.

i saw that but why need webview when you have a component for it

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I haven’t created this topic so better will be to ask @noolechi

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I want to do an image sharing blog and post with comments and views.

WebViewer will be enough to do this.

Kenin How do they work?with that block.

Event raised when left or right swipe occurs in webview.It returns 1 for left swipe and 2 for right swipe.

Does this give you any clue?


If this extension is by Deephost then we don’t allow the question. Deephost doesn’t support his work so we advise against using them. Send me a pm if you didn’t use any of his work.

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