How To Open Image From Screen to Another Screen Using Dynamic Component Extension

Hello Developer Please Help !!

After Reading A lot Of Articles In the Community I can’t find my Solution.

Please Somebody Help !!

I Just Wanna to Show " When Any Card on Image Click then it should open it another Screen
with the same particular image "

but whenever I click the Any Card View it shows me error

Please Help !!

Thanks In Advance !!

Here Is the Image Blocks

Which error?

When I click On Image It Redirects Me On Another Screen As What I want But Also It shows me This Error and Image Does Not Shows ??

Please Help

Thanks In Advance

Here Is The Image Where it Redirects

Here Is The Error Block Screen

Use Do it on where you got image link to check is the image link is valid or have some issue.

No Image Is Valid
I have Checked ??

Please Help

Thanks In advance

You need to use this extension, By DebYb

In above image the marked variable contains only a singe item and is not a list! @Decoder_360

Its not necessarily a solution for this stage/error

Can You Help Me Please By Guiding The Correct Block

Please Help What Will Be Correct Block

Thanks In Advance

After Correction it Again Shows the same error

here what i have done Correction

Please Help Someone !!

I am Facing this issue from last 4 days

Help Me !!

Thanks In Advance

Number 1:
You have initialised List as a text variable and then later on you are using it as a list with the select item list.

Number 2:
Why are you adding a one?
I suppose the value you get is already a single item, so what’s the point of using a index? Why not directly use it to set the picture?

Edit: I’m sorry it’s a list… My bad.
Number one is correct though

I want to use with Multiple Photoview That’s why ??
Because when swipe left or right it should change the image ??

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On the second screen, you have initialised the variable ‘List’ as a text variable.

But later on you use the variable ‘List’ as a list.

So replace the ‘text’ block with ‘create an empty list’

Do you mean like this ??

Now it is the Correct Block ??

Yeah, does it work?

It Shows Me This ??

What Does it Mean ??

Can you check when you recieve the list on the second screen, is the list actually a list with the ‘is a list’ block.
Im talking about the pictures list.

Its Not Going Inside

is I am Doing Right ??

Place a label, use the set text to check whether it’s a list or no