Is there any way to round image & save to gallery?

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Iam making a application where in list view user profile pic will show but i want to make the pic rounded i know it,s not possible with list but i have a idea when user create account in my app & add their profile pic then automatically it will be rounded and then upload to database.

then in list view rounded pic will come.i use deep host round image extension but the extension only round image components not save file & i also use image editor but not work is there any image editor or idea anyone have?

Welcome. Please search the community befroe creating a new topic. This has been asked before.


To show image in list view use ListView with image component and for saving image in phone use file component.

For saving in database use online databases like firebase storage or cloudinary.

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Please recheck my question

See my list first it,s not possible with kodular components

I check whole community then create topic

This is the best extension to round the image, but to store it in database you have to use database, when user set his image then store it in database.

hm yes i know but it,s round only image components not edit image and when upload image to databse then normal image uplod not round image uploading

What do you want to do with user image? Just for record ? Or you want to use it somewhere?

when user upload any content in my app then in list view user profile & content will show

I am asking about the image that you are storing in database.

for getting image in list view with the help of firebase databse

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For that you have to upload round image of the user. Use image editor or something like that to round the image before uploading.

What was May saying since that time?any image editor available?

If you really want to make round profile picture…
Then use Deephost Circle Image View extension

You Know about deep host circle image view extension?deep host extension only round image component not edit the image square to round & it,s not have a option for list view round image extension

Well I was able to achieve this :point_down:with deephost extension

Only single block can solve your problem.
I only used dynamic components extension and deephost circle image view extension to achieve this.
It is possible!
I suggest you to try…

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unable to see your blocks send png