How to make round corner image?

Hello I used firebase authentication component to make Gmail login now I want to display profile pic in round image i next screen Screen 2 . How can I make it. If it is possible then do help me.

yes possible use this extension

let me try

can you please edit my blocks and show me how to make round image.

you can simply use image editor component

i have used image editor component but it shows bad argument.

did you fill up the property save As?

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and also 700 is too much

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what is the minimum round?

why not try a bit go with 10

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let me check

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check this extensiom

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Same error i am getting it says
Bad arguments to Picture
The operation Picture cannot accept the arguments:,[nothing]

Ya sure i will check

the error clearly states that the list does not contain any image

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But when i block in this way profile image will be shown
Then how come it’s empty?

can you show how it looks in screen

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I do this by placing it inside a cardview.

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Show us the get start value value so that we can assist you


But image will shown in square it self it doesn’t fill whole circle in card view