How to make round corner image?

Ya sure
Screen 1 :point_down:

Screen 2 :point_down:

Note: Here I have made email(label) invisible
I just want my image in round shape. How to do?

Screen 1:


can you try putting the image on a label i just wanna see what is it is a url or path or something else


Okay i will try

as i thought the image editor component is a offline image editor and can only handle image that are in assets or in path you need to download image first using download component and then send the path to it

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If you have aia can you share it with me or else can you teach me how to do
Or any links or videos which might help

you can do it yourself use the download component to download image in device and then use the path in rounding image

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okay thank you for the help :heart:

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also if you dont like download component so much then simply use - ExtendedDownloader Extension [FREE]

Ya sure ill check

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Hello now i have used download component to download the profile image.
It gets stored in download folder in mobile now can you please help how to setup image path in image A (Image Editor component)

use this block -

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also fill up the property save As

I didn’t get it can you explain in brief what is save as property

it is that what will be the image name when it will be saved

okay i will set image name

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do as he says

imageCard.aia (10.2 KB)

imageCard.apk (5.2 MB)
and moreover don’t use extensions.


And you should test on devices with different screens when entering the value for “Corner Radius”.

Uploading: yhjyjn.PNG…


You can also try