Coloured image border

I need to add a coloured circle to a rounded photo (after round cropping) related to a value from a database (so it would be nice if the circle is a component…
I thought about adding 2 buttons one on the other (colored button with no action and photo button above) but don’t know if it’s a good idea :thinking:
Can you tell me what is the best way to do it knowing that every photo must have a border.
Of course if you tell me that an extension exist for this, you make my day :star_struck:

Thanks for help

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If you use the dynamic components extension, you can create a little canvas, for each picture. Set the picture as the canvas background image, cover it in white with a thick line, carve the circle with the “none” color, and finally draw an outline circle of any color you want.


You need to use this extension and dynamic components extension together using a for each number loop block to make all the images circled with border, or you just want a single image to be circled just use the first extension

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@Stefun Here is exactly what you want… This list can be highly customized as per choice…


Hello thank you it seems to fit exactly what I need ! :wink:

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U r welcome :hugs:

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