Circular Crop Image (With Preview)


I am trying to implement a round profile pic and wanted to know if there was any way to achieve circular crop (With Preview). Now, I’ve checked various communities and have come across different image editor extensions, but they either don’t allow the user to resize/crop the image with preview (Fixed values) or they simply edit the image in a square shape.

I understand it’s possible to edit the image in square and convert it to round (Using Image Utilities), but to be more user friendly I want to implement a circular crop function that has a circular mask that zooms when pinched. A gif below from Domnhall from the Thunkable community clearly portrays what I want to achieve.

Circular crop

Domnhall has used canvas to edit the image (In 2017) and to be frank, the method implemented seems a bit cumbersome given the current developments of Kodular.

Does anyone have any idea, or extension on how to achieve this. Would be amazing if this could be implemented in Kodular as a feature under Image Utilities.

Thanks a Million!

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Please use deep host image round extension please search in YouTube deephost