Extension request: circular line like Instagram stories

Hey:upside_down_face: I think it could be great if someone can create an extension to show a circular line like Instagram stories, it could be animating and allow you to choose its color too:+1:

Thanks for your response, but it is not exactly what I want​:sweat_smile: I mean, if I use Dynamic Component extension together with LeoProfileView extension, all the profile views will have a circular border around and if I use only LeoProfileView extension, then I cannot remove the circular border from one if I create another profile view. I prefer a circular border component, that it’s easier to use and can be simply remove after a certain time (exactly like Instagram stories)

can you show a video or image to see what you are trying to tell

Like this

first of all make a card view or a arrangement then put an image and then set background using this extension - [Free] Gradient Drawable Extension || Create beautiful background with Gradient Drawable


Yes, this is what I mean, thanks Aarush:slightly_smiling_face:



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