How do I (round) an image in a Dynamic List using the following components?

I can’t use the component that returns an error.

Try Using The Normal Round Corner Method

Not The One From Any Component
component_method (1)


but this for only image

This would work perfectly

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It didn’t work for me. See the configuration of my blocks:

What am I doing wrong?

Try something like this if you want to show different image for each component

or something like this if the image is the same for all components


But how do I adjust a link on my Google account profile?

I can adjust the link, but I can’t round the image.

Add link to image in …

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I will take the test. Thanks for helping. When I have answers, post here.

I did not succeed with this method. See my blocks:

I can round still images with DeepHost’s CircleImageView Extension, but I can’t use it in dynamic components. I do not know what to do.

See the Blocks:
blocks (3)
it works


Does not work

see this - 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

I’ll take a look. Thanks.

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it worked??

ImagenA you should select an item from the list that you have as in my example above

not like this

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It does not round images. The profile images he uses are already rounded.

But my images are variable. I cannot define them in a predefined list.

Can you guide me on these blocks? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@dora_paz @Kshitij @ADDYLIN

Error returned:

O definidor de propriedades esperava um componente yt.DeepHost.Circle_ImageView.Circle_ImageView, mas obteve uma imagem em vez disso

Problem solved!

Before anything else I need to define this:

Then this

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