Is there any way to round all pictures the same

Rounding as the size of the pictures changes, is there no way to round in the same way?

please elaborate… I do not understand the problem


I want to make each picture selected from the picture picker in the same round.

I throw the relevant block and picture

All of them should be equal as in the second picture. How will I do? Can you help me?

Maybe if you use Dynamic Components you can do this

save the photo with an even circle cloudinary

I used the deephost plugin but it saves the first guide state, not round

In the image editor, it does not make an equal circle, every photo is different Isn’t there a solution?

Can you send the block image? How will I do?

Try this:

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Send your blocks. I think I can help with Dynamic Lists

first when the image comes resize them to a particular size then round the returned image from resizing

You can create it by this Extentsion.

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i dont think that will help

Thank you very much, this is useful for me to resize everyone’s picture round and round

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thank you very much for your help

if your query got solved mark me as solution, Helps for others

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