Build an extention

please i need anyone help me to build an extention …

i have all codes on github

and i need the final extention show this Screenshot (144)

THX :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

u can make this by deep host custom listview extension

No dear deephost extensions is not working properly and he also not supporting for extension issues pls see new post of ui material dynamic extension by varsha I think possible in that extension

who said deep host custom list view is not working properly…
by that extension u can make every type of dynamic or non dynamic list view

Because I purchase this extension and not working properly

Then do not purchase extensions from him again. If he doesn’t support them, then it’s gonna earn him a bad reputation because he’s not listening to people who pay him money.


yes its right he never reply for extension support but his videos are enough for koding

if you pay me then i can make any type of list view by his extension

Yes you are right.
As an extension developer it is his responsibility to solve problems and answer questions related to his extension. And if he is not doing this then it can be a problem for him in future.
It is fine that his YouTube videos are enough for koding but only for 10% of people who watch his videos…(Have you/anyone seen comments section of his video?)
Except those 10% people 90% don’t understand what to do and what not to do…
And finally they come here and ask question related to his extensions.Since it is community and everyone is here to help and for help so we can’t ignore questions of those peole who use paid extensions.

Hope I was not rude!


i was asking help from him but its almost one year i writes 6 or 7 emails but got no reply. then i pay a guy who gives me aia as i want

I think he is not extension developer he is taking code from some one and build extension that’s y he don’t know how extension is working :grinning: :smiley: that’s y he is not supporting

i dont know about this


yes i have c# code

I know this is possible in. Varsha ui material design extension because I already purchase and I. M Using that extension such a nice extension y ur not asking to developer for design he guide u better if possible or not in his extension

Well, I recommend paying for the extensions via Paypal, that’s how I did it.
So if deephost does not respond to emails, you can easily dispute the charge through paypal with the option “No support was given”

I have using it since 6 months and it is working properly.