Listview with icon and text

Hey Kodulars :v::heart_eyes:

I am working on a project where i want to put icon along with text in listview for multiple topic
which is shown below-- :arrow_down:

is there any extension or idea which can solve my this problem.

Note:- i want similar look :blush::v:

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Its deep host app view:joy::joy::joy:
Use custom listview extension and set image,right icon,left icon visible to false.
and increase title length.
Make title bigger, and in subtitle use join text block and break the texts.

it’s not ongoing :confounded: any block?

Can anyone give me that extension?
I know I can download that extension from his app but the app is not working in my emulator.
So if anyone has that extension give it to me.

which extension?

Deep Host custom list view extension if you have.

no i can’t give​:relaxed: that’s paided :blush:

Thanks for your reply.
I thought that it was free.:thinking:

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Don’t you have a real device ??:thinking:

no bro that’s paided and you have to buy from @Deep_Host :v::relaxed:

Please help me :relieved:

If you dont want to pay for an extension then you should redeisgn based on arrangements.

but from where i buy it?

Your best friend for AI based apps.

You can also use this Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

You can make easily by using some HTML logics.

I also wanted to buy that DeepHost extension from your application but Paytm is not available in my country

what kind of extension is this

There is no need to use any Deep Host extension to make that:


Deep host just modify Teckybro aix…