Make A List With Round Image , Title, Subtitle, Subtitle 2

Is There Any Extension Or Any Way To Make A List Like This

you can try deephost circle image view extension u can download the extnsion from his app
this video will help u YouTube

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This Is Solution Of Circle Image Only Not For Whole List

watch his video how to implement it in listview

Like i said in other topics Deephost doesnt support his extensions so it is always tricky to use his extensions.


you can try deephost custom list view extension u can download the extnsion from his app

But that was paid.2$


Please Re Check The Recommended Design Of List

You Are Right !

Do You Have Any Idea About The Recommended Design Of List How Can I Create It.?

Why should i recheak this

Because Every List View Is Providing On 4 Things

  1. Image
  2. Title
  3. Subtitle
  4. Extra Button

But As You Can See I Want 5 Things In My Case

  1. Images
  2. Title
  3. Subtitle
  4. Sub Mini title
  5. Extra Button

Use join block to create another one.or you can design your own list with custom design listview

Custom Design ListView

Download -

Can You Please Point Me Or Provide Me AIA I have tried Many Time With This Listview But I Failed :disappointed_relieved:

i can create it for you in just one day !

Hi @Srrazmi
What do you think about Colin Tree ListView?
It has same features as you need.
Also it is simple and easy to use.
Here is documentation and download link:


He does not just reply on the community, otherwise he is a very good man and his extension is also good, I do not have any app that does not use his extension.:grinning:


It can be true.
But as an extension developer it is his responsibility to solve problems related to his extension. And I have not seen any such initiative by him.


Colin Tree Is The Best But There Is Only Title And Subtitle Facility As I Know But I Want Title , Subtitle , Sub Mini Title Means I Want 3 Titles And And Colin Tree Provide 2 Title Only

For making any kind of design, use the deephost extensions.

Which Extension ?

deep host custome design list view extension