What is the alternative of Custom ListView deephost extension

Hi every one …
I bought Custom listview deephost extension and used it all over my apps and honestly it solves many problems so easily in creating the lists …
But I figured an annoying problem after using it widely is that …
It doesn’t compatible with all devices . It may cause the app to crash … have any one figured this also …

And another…how to simply create such lists with card view and pictures taht would be light and eaily to navigate away from this extension and to be compatible with all devices specially lower than Android 6 and Chinese devices like Xiamoi

You can use Kodular List View component or Colin Tree extension.
Here you can read Colin Tree List View documentation:

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I need images, titles , subtitles , icons and card view

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With Colin Tree you only have image, Text and Subtext.
Edit: as in kodular component.


Or this extension, but paid:

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention it

Is it light? Or may cause the same problem

Sorry i don’t have any info about this. Read all comments maybe it will help you

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Thanks for your support @bestprintsf

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You are welcome !!!

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This is not okay.

How do u know that the extension is the cause of the crash of the app?

Because I have 2 versions of the app one with this extension and the other no … the one with the extension is crashing

Have you updated the extension with the new one?

Latest Version : 11

Date Build : 2020-03-07