How to add new image in custom design listview

i need help

test app AIASTOCK

It is madded from dynamic components.

No need of apk as everyone know it’s a copy of deephost app

dynamic components not info

I have a video on this but in Hindi pm me I can’t post here

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:innocent: It’s against community policy not about your language

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ok video link

Am pm you video link check it . You got idea about how to implement this type of image in dynamic components

this youtube channel also join but i am not professional

So no one create it for you , you are trying to learn basics and then go for dynamic components. And the video helps only to understand how you implement this in dynamic components.

No one is professional try to make by own

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Exactly @Yash_Agarwal_376.
To learn we have to try … we have to make mistakes … we have to research … we have to reason … we have to use Algorithm …


What you have tried yet?

You can refer my guide to make a listview. No one knows everything they also have learned it. So you must also try and if you any issue, you can sak here in Community.

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I could help you. but i face a problem with my computer and i cannot open kodular now

so sorry :frowning:

Legends :sunglasses:

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