How do I add Dynamic Images in List view Image Component?

Hello everyone,
I want to add Dynamic Images in the List view Images and Text that we have in Kodular I cannot get Dynamic Images. Please let me know if anyone can help me solve this problem.

In image bock to get the Dynamic Image I want to replace Image1.Picture to Get Dynamic image.

Use it

  1. Dynamic image load
    blocks (29)

  2. Any image load

First you need to call image url from database and save it to a list, same you did with name2 and than use select list item list to “image list” and index as “number”

Hey Prem,
Is it work properly?

Hey Rochak,
Thanks for replying but I didn’t get you properly.

Hello Everyone,
I want to create a Dynamic list to get URLs and other information from Airtable and show them in Kodular Component called “List View Images And Text”.

The problem is with these blocks
This block is used to get Dynamic Images If I am not Wong.

All Image URLs are stored in this global variable.

I want Dynamic Images in this Component.