How can I list images without text?

Hi, how can I list view images without text? Are you have an extension for this? Or how can I do?
Please help me, thank you very much. :hugs:

I want image more bigger, and how to use dynamic component?

You can use dynamic component extension by @yusufcihan

Extension Link : [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

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If you want any help in using dynamic components Extension then feel free to tell us

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How to make like this grid images?
Can you help me @Musa_Bukhari ?

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Thank you very much :hugs: And how can I when click image copy download link? @dora_paz

You are provided with already all the details… why don’t spend some time with that guides.

In the first reply itself contains grid view guide too dynamic image view contains detailed report

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