[PAID] Custom Listview Extension - New Version

New CustomListView Extension
After Kodular introduced Dictionaries, I found a way to make the extension use fewer blocks. Now you can make all the designs you want to, using fewer blocks.


  1. Arrangements
  2. Buttons and ImageButtons
  3. CardViews
  4. Images
  5. Labels
  6. ProgressBar
  7. RatingBar
  8. TextBox

How the extension works?
Look at the image bellow. First add the listview to your arrangement, second add the widgets you want, and finally load the listview with the data.
When you scroll the listview, event OnBindView is called, here you change the listview data or widgets style according to the position.
When you click a widget, the event OnWidgetClicked gets called, and you can make changes here too.

What can you do with them?
Edit all of these properties

And how do we edit them?
This is what styles are made for. Styles are a collection of properties that you can set to many widgets you want to.
Let’s supose that you want to use the same properties for many widgets. Whit this extension, you should first create your style.

And how to apply?
Just look at this block, you should pass the style as parameter.
And what if you want to use that style but change something, ExtendStyle block was made for it, just look how it works.

You can also edit many widgets with one block
Ex. BackgroundColor property

Widgets id are separated by comas and values for each are in a list. This is helpful when you wanna make conditions. Look at the first image.


  • Edit many blocks with just one block.
  • Load pictures, from assets, from file or from web url.
  • Capacity to round your pictures for images.
  • BACKGROUNDS [GRADIENT(many colors as you want), OVAL, CIRCLE] for every widget.
  • Round corners and borders, with custom color and width.
  • Transform the pictures, with scale size for larger images.
  • Images support scale type.
  • Shadows for every widget.

This is an example, you can make any design you want.


Your extention was so good.but need more guidance. How can we added cardview in list.& how can we added label image in cardview


If you want the cardview as a container for every widget, you should add as the same way as to add Arrangement, you can set its parent as “MainParent” then it ll be in the root. And then, when you add a label or ilage specify on parent the cardview id, or better, in cardview add an arrangement (if you wanna set the orientation to horizontal or vertical) and add them to this linear.
You can add widgets directly to the cardview.

Can you show block plz.that will be helpful for everyone

I want to buy this extension with paytm can it possible?? Please reply.

For questions related the purchase of the extension is better to PM the developer.



  • Now you can add RatingBars in ListView items.
  • Event added to handle ratingBar’s rating changes.
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  • Now you can set pictures from assets.
  • Pictures can be cropped circle.
  • Fixed params error.
  • Fixed gravity bug in arrangements.
  • Fixed NotifyDataSetChanged bug.


Edit image


  • centerCrop : (true or false) If true, the picture will be centered in the Image.
  • rounded: (true or false) If true, the picture will be a circle.
    Note: You can use them both.


  • Added gravity params (Horizontal and vertical), property blocks were created for this params.
  • New Gravity Blocks.
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It works with card radius like if we put image in card view then radius will be same or 0?

In deep host extension after putting image in card view card radius automatically changed to 0?


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Yes, card radius will affect the image so it will have the same radius as cardview parent. But if you want circle picture, you can use the new edit image block.

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And image will fit to card size or image stay in own size

Like if take 200x100 size image and we set card 300x150 and put mage inside card so image also expand or stay in original size?

I already tried with dynamic cards and images,images showing original size and it’ll create problems.

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If you set same size, both card and image, and enable centerCrop in image then it will fit the entire cardview but keeping aspect ratio

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thanks, I paid for this extension now when I’ll get this?

i tried but not working can you provide blocks for this.
every time when i try to add card view just white screen

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