Want a custome list view with various options

Hi there I need a list view which I can modify as I want like indeed a poster on top below that logo title subtitle and below that multiple details and also a button is there any way to me it by blocks or extension

Also if it is possible to show a card view in list view for every item

please explain it in more detail

Something similar to this with more changeble details

yes its possible. i can create it dynamically

Or like this

Can you tell me or show me how to use blocks

its very hard. if u want to buy from me then i can create this

I just wanted to know about the blocks

this types of list view needs a paid extension

Which extension

Deep Host Custom List View Extension

I have it just show me how to use it for this

then watch his videos he already posted that on youtube

I have got solutions from someone else kodular member

This maybe help you:

And This:


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