How to Get data from Airtable and put it into a CardView

As the title says, the idea is to load Airtable data into the Cardview extension.
Something like this:

To do this we will use the following extension:

Once installed the extension we add in the designer as many airtable components as columns we have in the airtable database.

We complete each airtable component with the same Apikey and Baseid and table name.

We create a variable for each column of airtable data:


Now we initialize the screen with the obtaining of the first column of data


We look for the component of the first column and use the event “Got column”:

And we use it to get the data from the second column:


We assign “values” to the variable in each column.


When arriving at the last column we are going to put the data each one in a variable that later we will use in the CardView

I created a procedure to create empty lists, so that every time you get the data we first make sure they don’t contain any data.

Now in each variable we put the data corresponding to each item of the list… in this way each column is stored in its corresponding variable as a list.

Note: the listName variable corresponds to the first column “Evento” (global Evento)

The end result would be something like this:


When you apply a certain criterion to sort the data in the airtable table, the cardview cards are sorted in the same way.


great tutorial !

Is there any way to use Asynchronous image loader with that extension? I tried it with Image Utilities without any success


Fine…Once again.
You should post in English.

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I published in English, but sometimes it happens that before I gave “Send” what I wrote was translated


May be you are using a translator.

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Of course, I’m Uruguayan (Spanish speaker)


That is why it translates all text in Spanish.

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And that’s why you have no reason to tell me the same thing every time



I think this topic is hijacked.:grin:

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Is there any way that if a new data store in airtable then it can also be seen in realtime in app also

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this is not working for me, i followed the steps but still card view isnt loading them

here are my blocks please check if am doing wrong

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If you will clear lists without adding them to final list then how can they work

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Can you explain a little bit more please what changes i have to make

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First try to load columns one by one in a listview or label and see if it works or not.


Blocks are okay ??

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thanks for help, there was a minor error in blocks, cards are loading now

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Congrats for your problem…
But it will be nice if you share that solution here.

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I was calling SUBTITLE 2 times and CONTENT was not loaded, thats why card weren’t loading,

I again checked blocks then i found this error


Try to check every airtable component for every column. You have two that get the same value… In Title_Sheet you get the column Subtitle_Sheet, and in subtitle_sheet you use again the subtitle_sheet…
Check that…