Get Data from Airtable

I Made an app in which I want to call data from airtable in a list with an image but some times data comes and sometimes not what can be the issue i will be highly obliged if someone can share me how can I block this system of bringing data from airtable to card view or list

I think you can see this guide:

I tried but i am not getting that card view extension

i think this is the extension:

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Thank you very much Mr. Mohamed

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Kodular offers its own card view
Mm what you should do is call the column and then store that list in a global variable but “empty”.
Then show it one by one along the list

Tried but not working should i share you the aia

For me i suggest you to use this extension:

But a good start is to use this tutorial:

i designed it but nothing is showing up

You can show us your blocks.But as i said.Follow this tutorial first,It will help you generally understand the concept :wink:
Get Data from Airtable - #4 by Mohamed_Tamer

It’s good to share the AIA

Free_ui_codingapps (1).aia (266.0 KB) Free_ui_codingapps (1).aia (266.0 KB)

Yes, that’s right, it should work for you
clear if you configured the plug-in correctly

Have you filled airtable information. api key ,etc…

Please check for “Main” Screen

Can you show your airtable database screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:

yes i have filled it

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Your table name is Table and not Yumn as in your aia

you mean the name of the section should be same?