Kodular and airtable

Hi guys how do i get Kodular and airtable to communicate?

I can not seem to get my images and date to show up?

Read this guide :-

Also read this guide:-

Hi vknow360 i have done so but still no luck, thanks for your reply, anyone here that this has worked for?

Why not show your blocks? It is advised in the how to ask a question topic.

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Not worked.
Then can you elaborate more about your problem?

well my home screen should show images of categories on the main screen from airtable the images is stored on cloudinary and the image url is posted on airtable i have an aia file where it works i redesigned just the look and added some other pages, now i am not sure if Kodular’s extensions not working or is the problem by me. this is where i got the aia file you can check it i just made a exact copy of it , not working for me.

Can you show a screenshot of data at Airtable?
Or how you have stored data?
Also is there any field blank?

Maybe this’ll help you:

Hi Pepocero,

its still not working for me please help me…

Here is my Blocks:

Here is my design view:

And here is my Airtable:

it would be great if you can tel me what i did wrong…

check your table name and view in designer and make sure it is correct. and if it is correct then the problem is in the logic your are using. and also you have used this block a which is used to compare numbers. Now if you are comparing text then use this block image and see if it works.

Hi i have checked and used the green block still no luck :pensive:

I have a serious question: is there a real, relevant difference between the two blocks in the original code? Sure, I can not add two texts and so on. But a query “is the same as that” should make no difference?

Maybe someone can illustrate this with an original code sample. I want to learn! Thanks in advance.

the blocks are identical, see the documentation AI2 Logic

Acts exactly the same as the = block found in Math


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In Kodular there is a component for Airtable, but something strange happens, When I edit directly from the Airtable spreadsheet I can use special characters such as symbols and emotives, but when I send the text with symbols from Kodular in Airtable they are not reflected, they come out as a Writing error. Can anyone help me with that?

For special characters you can try How to save special characters (such as ç , í , ü , etc) in Airtable

To use images in airtable you have to use cloudinary (or another service in the cloud) and save the link in airtable.
At the moment it is not possible to get the images saved in airtable.


Anotación 2019-12-11 150716

In the buttons of the CardView you must put the block “make a list”


Problem solved! Thank you very much, it has been very useful. I mean the special character link. Thank you very much.

hi can anyone help me,
my app isn’t getting the column

there is nothing shown by notifier and the colintree list view isn’t showing anything I mean the category!

try reducing the number of record say 99 or 98 . Because a lot of users have faced issues when they call 100 records at a time. Also airtable is very slow and even if you get all the records your app will crash most of the time. so it is better to call 20 records in page and if user want to see more then call another 20 and so on.

I set it to seven but it didn’t worked too.
can you check aia Wallpaperapp.aia (615.6 KB)