Airtable not worhing

Hey Koders,
I am trying to get data from airtable and display it in the dynamic cardview

It does not display anything
Thanks in advance.

Are you getting data from airtable ? You are using 3 spreadsheets and in your blocks I see only when Spreadsheet1 got column. Do you use same blocks for other two colums? Use Do it to debug your blocks and see if global lists are populated.

Otherwise check airtable’s api key, base id, table’s name and if airtable has empty cells or empty rows.


Your blocks clearly says the wrong placement of blocks. You set below blocks in screen initia,but how is it possible before you get column value you can create the dynamic components???

Move this block to when spreadsheet 3 got column and after the global variable. I hope you will get now


i use 3 spreadsheet

Same result
I am not able to see any change

Where are you adding this Creator in the procedure ?

Sorry i cannot understand your question
i am passing the value

Where is that variable (Creator) in the procedure you created ?

If you wish post your aia to check it

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Post your new updated blocks.

Also check your global variable contains value or not as said here


Pls check the number while creating the dynamic component

If possible show your spreadsheet screenshot

Blocks :


Dynamic components are working properly

The aia file:
Aix_Free.aia (793.4 KB)

Empty row, delete it and try again


Thank you @dora_paz
My app is working perfectly

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it was suggested 17h ago but you didnt find. Actually did you read the @dora_paz post?

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