Values getting stored in Airtable Spreadsheet but not showing in the App

Hey! As some of you know that I have been developing an Online Chat App.

Here are the details:

  • I have used Google Sign In through Firebase Authentication (working fine).

  • Used Airtable to store Device ID, Name, Email, Profile Pic and Online Status (problematic)

The problem with the second point is that the values are getting stored in the Airtable, but they are not displayed in the app according to the blocks.

I am sharing the blocks for your kind reference.

Here are the blocks of the Home Screen:

blocks (5)

blocks (6)

Here are the blocks for Screen1 (which has the Login with Google option)

Please help me, I will be very thankful to you.


Did you debug your blocks with do it . Are you getting data any data from airtable ? Cause maybe the problem is that airtable isn’t configured correctly .

How to do that?

No, I am not getting any data.

Here is the Airtable Spreadsheet, the data is getting stored, but not showing in the App:

See here (→ point 4):

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