Dynamic Companent Not Showing

My application not showing in dynamic companants in airtable data

Airtable data is called i cheked but not showing dynamic companent list

Is your airtable have any empty rows?
Did you add correctly base id, api key and table name without giving any extra space?

First check all these one by one and try

Also no supportive block when spreadsheet2 got column ?

Is both are same spreadsheets?

Yes airtable data calling I checked it. I set airtable get value one text view.The text view shows all the values ccurately

Read this

This did not help me :sob:

@Midhlaj_am , May you please show us the screen shot by right clicking and Do It on the global image list block. So we can check…

@Midhlaj_am , And your problem is in your Got Column Block. your porcedure never called because of global index variable.
As in if condition the procedure will be called when global index == 2 but as you can see in Got Column event block you are setting the global index variable to 1. It means the global index variable will never be equal to 2. Means , the procedure never be called…
I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Look the image for better understanding

You will have to move the block set Global index variable above the Get Column block

It Work Perfect Ok Thank you @Sumit1334

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