Today , on 2nd jan 2020, in the creator "Get Row" block of airtable Spreadsheet is not working

If you send a request to get the row in the airtable spreadsheet , GOT ROW will not get the value…

I changed your category. It is not clear if this is a bug in Kodular where the category is for or that you made a mistake or that airtable is malfunctioning or etc etc etc.

Show your blocks.


Today , on 2nd jan 2020, i have confirmed that, in the creator “Get Row” block of airtable Spreadsheet is working 100 percent. ( problem is in your blocks, any empty cell in row or api etc).


there must not be an empty spot in the air table value, it must be exactly below the contents in your airtable, and try again

There is no empty cell in the airtable but its not working. It does sends request to get row but it is not getting the row. i have sent you image to see .please look that for a moment and find out the wrong. Please


check for every step, by showing every get value to any label so you can check where is error, which value is getting failed to load, also use get response option, like if get response = 200 successful else failed to get.