Airtable does not returns the row in its arranged form

While using the get row, the values change with time. The row values are not returned in arranged form. And if we change the values in the airtable sheet, then the app returns values of other cells of the rows, which results in crashing of the app. Due to this, I cannot make my app from so many days. This works fine in Thunkable with the airtable extension. Due to this error, my app is not reliable at all to be used anywhere. Please help!

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Having same problem

The values are listed int he order of when they are created.

So what you can do is enter the values as 0 in all the cells, in the order you want them to show, and then you can change them after the fact.

A little research would have shown you this.

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Ok Thank You Very Much!
But I hope that Kodular fixes this bug soon! Still, thanks a lot!

Currently the airtable api doesn’t have a method to return row in arranged order.

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