How to use start value for getting data by airtable

Screenshot 2023-09-29 074732

how to use start value for getting data by airtable. I tried many times through this block but it’s not working. pls help me

Screenshot 2023-09-29 074732
I changed it.but didn’t get any response.

pls help me dear

Check what value “Get start value” returns or enter a manual value to test.
You are repeating a Get at the beginning and in the IF condition 1

Screenshot 2023-09-29 175710
this my start value
Screenshot 2023-09-29 074732
i tested by manually ading value but not get data from airtable
what can do for this

It is not possible to have a numerical row with the value you indicate

yes i have row with numerical value
but it’s not working

can you give me another solution

I already told you, airtable free supports up to 1000 rows, next payment level 5000, how are you going to have that figure, on top of that your value starts with a 0

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Screenshot 2023-09-29 195453
this is my data table .im tried by this value. and its take to start value

im not used row number

If you don’t use the row number to use GET ROW? It seems to me that you should reconsider and take a guide on how to use airtable.
You can do Get Column or Get All Rows and save them to a list and then work from there.

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dear,can you show me by blocks how to do it

im beginner for kodular, please can anyone tell me how to use this block for airtable to get row number by cell value. i can’t make that block
Screenshot 2023-09-30 072541


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thank you dear

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