Get row not working

i’m trying to develop an app that every second updates some labels text with airtable data. My table just have 1 row and 5 columns. I tried to use the ‘Clock.timer’ block to call a Spreadsheet.Get Row method and then use the when ‘ row’ to update the label’s text.

I tested the code in kodular companion and tried to debug it in various ways. It seems my timer is properly firing every second but the ‘When Got Row’ is never triggered


Check your keys are correct, check got event is working by change text on label or something like that

I’ve checked a lot of times for my keys. I’ve already tried to change a label text on the “When got row” event and it didn’t changed.

I’ve done the same test to check if the clock was properly triggering every second and it was.
I don’t know what else could I do :confused:

Cani know what is your logic behind. If then else. Condition

Every call to airtable with apis returns promise which is resolved with some time in milliseconds to seconds depends on internet connection so firing every second with timer is incorrect way.
for that you can loop when row and after updating text at last point again call spreadsheet1.get row in this way new call will be called when previous is resolved and this is without timer running continously