Why runs “got all rows” after “set cell” with Airtable?

Hello friends, I need your help, please.
My app has a button, which when pressed, updates the value of the cell in an Airtable database. But, first of all, run the “got All Rows” blocks and then, also, the “Cell Changed” blocks. WHY!?

I forgot to do something??


You haven’t added get all rows blocks

Exactly. But the blocks of “Got all rows” are executed. That’s my question, why do they run? Only the “Cell changed” blocks should be executed.

But first runs “Got all Rows” and then the blocks of “Cell Changed”.

I just need the “Cell Changed” blocks to be executed, which is what I expected.

Can you show me your other blocks

of course.

this is the action button, It has 3.

creating the dinamic card:

Hi! any suggestions?:disappointed_relieved::pray: