Getting Text from Airtable & Card View Combo

So I have used this tutorial to show data from Airtable into Cardview

and it looks somewhat like this

I wanted to Share the text from a card view with the help of Sharing Component when a user clicks on that Share Now Button, but am not sure how to do this, how to take text from this card view.
this data is called from airtable, is it possible to share text when a user clicks on a card ?

The text in the card is either its title, subtitle or text , so just use the block which say something like this “text.cardview/subtitle.cardview” (green color block), hope this helps, currently I am away from creator

There is no such block in that extension I have tried already ! & It’s okay i can wait, reply here when you get back with pc

Is that an extension?? Probably paid then I can’t, can you post the all blocks available in the extension?

Alert 1: Material Card View Extension is no longer supported in Kodular Eagle.
But if you still want help here you go,
You can use another spreadsheet component to get cell with
Row Number: Click.position
Column Name: Whether you want the title subtitle or content and the name of them respectively in your airtable row
And done,
If you find this helpful, mark as solution
/Ravi Garg

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You can do it this way:


In my case the icon of the Share button is named “share”.

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Thanks i will try this and report back

hey can we somehow make the links that are in text of card view clickable ?

do card have html property option?

no there is not

enable the html property named “HTML Format” of the label and then you can do it


and use html to enter text and to make it clickable link use google(if you don’t know html)

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actually it is an extension to show airtable data in card view, and it doesnt have a label seperately to be inserted.

this one

try to enter the content in html format and see if it works (Hit and trial)

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i tried not working

can we extract links only from the text?

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