How to Open Web Viewer through link from Airtable to ListView with Image and Text Component?

friends, How to Open Web Viewer through link from Airtable to ListView with Image and Text Component?
If anybody knows, please help.

Hi @b_mahalder, welcome to the community!
I really don’t understand you very much.You may elaborate more?You mean you want to show your links that you get from airtable in a list, and when an item is clicked it will open the link in the web viewer?So what have you did for now?

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No , I want to open link in web viewer, which i’ve put in spreadsheet.

Add another screen and add Webview component in that screen … and set when your list item click “open another screen with get value” and in that screen which you added Webview … Add Webview load URL block and link = get value


Can you pls show that with blocks?

Greetings ,
I do have this Query please help me
In air-table I have 2 columns , Title and link , when title from the list is clicked in a new screen it should open respective link .
please do reply , Thanking you in advance

What have you tried so far ? Show your blocks in order to get help.

If you search the same in community, you will find lot of solutions…

Here is the procedure to get value from airtable. Now you try to develop from here. Again if you struck you post your query with screenshots. Lear and Workout /try

Yes Mam,
i am a Newbie , I am not able to recognize where i made error.
It would be really grateful of you if u provide me an image of sample blocks for my requirements.
i am able to get on same screen but when I make it on another screen It goes blank .

Show us your blocks and maybe someone can find the error.

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I want like When the Respective title is selected from list its same link should get open in a webviewer in another screen

The problem I believe is that you try to open again Screen1, either create a new screen for example Screen2 or work with arrangements (virtual screens) or After picking hide List_View1 and set a label visible to true with text select list item as you do above

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Okay but is everything else okay coz i cant see even list names

Change order


No , it didnt work

Are you getting data from airtable ? Is airtable configured correctly ? Api key, Base Id, Table Name, Colums Names ?
Also note that if you have empty rows or cells in airtable then you won’t receive any data in your app

PM me , i will give you an easy and alternate way

yes I verified all the parameters they are correct


Airtable structure

App Response- screen2

Screen2 code

App Response- screen3

Screen3 code


No issue. If problem persists. pls check you airtable API, Base Id and also table name



Nice work .

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