Error Using Airtable's component Get All Rows

I have created the app on Kodular using the component sheets.
Then I have used get all rows funcn.
to call all the data present in the app but I am unable to understand the way its response content is written. Can you please help me in decoding it.?

Can you show the structure of your airtable ? and what are you trying to achieve ? The error is not from airtable but from the json that you are getting when you try to parse

You Can See it Here:-

It’s in grid view.

First of all in order to work with airtable you should never leave empty cells, rows, columns. Fix your table and then proceed with your code. I also suggest to work with dictionary blocks when you get the json response

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This is very common

That kind of error is obtained when you try to get data from a Json and the logic you use to extract the data does not match with the structure of the json

Here is an example of how you can get data from Airtable using the GetAllRows block (with this block you get a Json in the response content) using dictionaries

Note: In airtable it is easier to get each column and then work with those data as lists

This is my Airtable structure:

We create the variables for each airtable column. Note that when you get a Json, you must always get two data that are always the same, which are id and fields:


(In the end I create a result variable to put everything there)

Then with these blocks you get the data from the Name column and the data from the City column:

The foreach block puts the data in a list (result) and it´s displayed on a label

This is the result:


Yeah , thank you but actually I was trying to test it first that if it works I would add data.

@pepocero Thank You very much for the answer. This is a nice method to arrange data.

You can not test airtable if table is not properly created cause data is not received correctly :slight_smile:

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I tried this in my app but I am getting another type of result than I want.

I want the red highlighted one only.

Airtable link Here

And moreover i am unable to add menu item it is just blank.
Please refer me a tutorial(if any).

The ListView accepts HTML code.

Just put that html code in the Join block:


And you get something like this:

Tutorial of what? What menu?

If you don’t explain yourself well, people can’t help you. Try it on your own and see what comes out.

Slide menu item see screen1and slide menu blocks in

I meant how to access urls for attachments in Airtable.
(It gives a query like that)

As far as I know, you can’t get files saved in airtable, so we usually use cloudinary to save files and the url is saved in an airtable cell.

If you find a way to get your files saved on airtable, share it with the community