Airtable Post Image+Text System

Hello Kodular Community!

I want to make an app using kodular and airtable. I just want it to have some simple functionalities (which I have seen before on kodular). A Simple Post System.

  1. Get Images and Captions(Text) From airtable
  2. Show it in a format of posting(like Facebook)
  3. A liking system (no commenting system, no sharing system)

This is an image of my concept

Now what I have achieved so far I have tried to get images and captions(texts) from kodular using dynamic component extension but with no success, if I get images I can’t make it like my concept.

**I want someone to guide me to a tutorial or a .aia file for starting, Please guide me **
(A CardView with Image and text getting from airtable [Loooped])

A Video Concept

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Have you srearched community :mag: ?


Yes i did but these are not giving me any solutions, Like the first one how to get data from airtable and put it into kodular, it crops the images and have the text/caption in botton and its a extension(which i dont know how to edit)! @dora_paz

The first one shows you how to get data from airtable. The second one shows you how to create any design with dynamic components . Combine the two guides and after that shows us what you have tried and if something is not working properly ask for help

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okay thank you for help I will try now and I need help I will open a topic

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