[ Free ] Dynamic Cardview with Airtable

Hi! Today I’m happy to introduce you to the Dynamic Cardview component included in kodular, and it’s great because I don’t need to use any external extensions and fees. I hope my guidance will help students in general and the Kodular community in general.
Are they really simple?

  • I use Components:

APK Demo:
Dynamic_Cardview_Airtable.apk Dynamic_Cardview_Airtable_xlzerc-1.aia (11.1 KB) (4.8 MB)


Wow, how did you do the horizontal? :open_mouth:

Nice work @dohop96!
Thank you for your contribution :+1:

But one thing you should take care of.
According to #koded:opensource category:

You should also post AIA file (source code) of your app so others can understand it better.

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i removed the open source because you didnt provide the aia.

Just use Horizontal Scroll Arrangement and your done


Can you make an tutorial on dynamic components

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hello there,
can you help me, i want 3 column in horizontal scroll arrangement instead of single image on a screen (just like Playstore) please reply me…

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please wait

You often use the following components:

  • Dynamic_Card_View1
  • Dynamic_Label1
  • Dynamic_Label2
  • Dynamic_Image1
    (no need to use any external extension)

I know that deep host aia, if I have than I don’t request you to help me​:sweat_smile:

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