Dynamic Card View - How To Use It

Hi, as we all know that a few hours ago Kodular Eagle was released with some awesome features but some of the people were unable to use their new component which was a dynamic card view. I will tell you how to use it in this guide. This guide will only tell you about its basics. So let’s begin:

First, you have to add some buttons, label and image (They can be dynamic) in an arrangement. In my case, I am using a dynamic label and button. Now you have to add another arrangement In which we will create our Dynamic Card View. REMEMBER THAT DYNAMIC CARD VIEW AND OTHER COMPONENTS SHOULD BE IN DIFFERENT ARRANGEMENTS. For reference, I have attached screenshot of my blocks.

You can also do this with non-dynamic components.

This is how you will see it in Phone:

Card_View.aia (2.6 KB)

I hope this guide will help you,


I want to know how we can create components dynamically inside a dynamic card. I mean dynamic button inside card.
I know we can add dynamic button to an arrangement and show it in cardview but for that we first need to create seperate arrangement for each card

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that’s what he did, check again

Bro he created a vertical arrangement where he created button and text for first card but for second card he will have to create another vertical arrangement because if he use the same arrangement then he will be shown 2 buttons and 2 texts

Yes I Have the same question, and if dynamic card view cannot be used in that sense than they are pretty much useless

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But How to use for list
We need to create seperate arrangement for each item

I think the list cannot be used in this card view. We have to wait for kodular to add dynamic arrangements. then we can use it with a list.

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Ok Man But I Found Other Paid Way Now

yes, there are many paid ways which you can try.

What are they

please enlighten me. what the different to an ordinary cardview and button?

There is custom design listview by Deep Host

After kodular E 1.4.1 update, you can use card view for the list. Look this guide from kodular for example Using Dynamic Cards - Kodular Docs


is it possible to use it as grid view?

yes you can use it.

U can create 2 Vertical Scroll Arrangements on home screen side by side and show half items in one and other half in another

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can we change font type of dynamic label?

Please search in Community, has already been answered

I have a soltion to make list with dynamic cards list.

I have already done that