Request for Dynamic Arrangment

Thanks for dynamic components but plz try to add dynamic arranagement , it is request to kodular.

This is i maked using current components.

In case if you dont have much time to wait , you can use my extension to create dynamic arrangements and cardview and create exact same lists as you have shown in image.


I have done some blocking to do that but its not working.

Dynamic_list.aia (6.8 KB)

Dynamic arrangements have been added to Kodular Eagle.
Take a look here for a tutorial on using dynamic cards

i am asking about dynamic arrangment like horizontal, vertical etc.

i made the app using current componets avilable on kodular.

and screenshot is availabe on my post check there.

yeah you can create horizonal arrangement and verticle arrangements dynamically using custom list view extension.

ok bro i will try to purchase that.

Will be added soon!


I found the errors and now it’s working