Dynamic Cardview add component horizontal

Hi all,
i made dynamic cardview using horizontal scroll arangement like this,

but how to make add component arrange horizontal too?

i made dynamic card view before but its always vertical…

is there any sample aia, or maybe tutorial made dynamic card view with dynamic image dan label horizontal?


It’s not possible now, but we’re working on a solution for the next release


I am awaiting sir its more usefull


Okay thanks, Glad to know it will be added for the next release…


its a very good news. i choose Kodular mainly b’coz of this dynamic modules. those help me to design things easy. when you adding dynamic module please can you add all features in normal element.

  1. Click event for dynamic image.
  2. image for dynamic button background.

Thanks for giving us amazing Kodular.


Is it possible now?

I want to get 3 dynamic labels horizontally in dynamic card view.

Try this one

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So i have to use this extension instead of dynamic card view. Right?

why it doesn’t work?

when i try to run with press the button, i always found this error message
com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.util.KodularDynamicUtil$ComponentReturnHelper cannot be cast to com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.ComponentContainer

Remove DynamicArrangement1.CreateArrangement block from CreateLabel block. Just add ‘Call Dynamic_Card_View1.Get card view by id’ block there.

Actually I tried to arrange the components horizontall

But you can’t create horizontal view like this.