How can i create it using airtable

i want to create this for my ecommerce app can anyone guide me to create this for my products.

First Please :

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To Create an E-Commerce App is Easy
I am Writing a Guide and I Will Publish it Soon Wait for a Little Time

Before that Are you Creating an App for a Company (eg. Nike store ) or an app for multi company (amazon)?

i want to create this

i want to create this

ok So Like Amazon, Wait for me I will publish the Guide as soon it Finishes. It will Cover Everything.

You Can Refer This Until its Ready :

if you know my problems solution please message me

This is possible with airtable + dynamic component extension in grid view

can you help me to create this

This is the simple way of creating grid view of images

Get airtable data on screen init or button click

To the length of data create the above method

In the above method just create a label bellow to the each image

what can i do if i want to upload images from airtable

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

don’t understand broo

Send me your demo / main aia…

can you create a demo aia for this

  1. You can search in community

  2. You can set up block just like shown in above post

Here You Go
airtable_Dynamic_Card.aia (5.4 KB)

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tq so much