How to create a e-commerce app for selling products

Hey! Can anybody here help me out for creating an e-commerce app. I am new to this. So please if anybody can help me out it was a great pleasure for me.

It can not be tell how to create bcz it will be a very big app and you have to learn more and more or you can buy it from anyone but I can tell you some points

1 Create login with firebase authentication

Community posts about firebase authentication

Sign in with Google with Firebase Auth Component

Firebase Authentication Template

Firebase Authentication Tutorial | Google Sign In

2 Show products with any custom list view extension to you some paid custom listview


1.deep host’s extension

3.Custom ListView Extension [Paid] Any Type of Dynamic list create ( Infinite type of list )

3 make payment with any payment gateway there are several payment gateway method in community

These are the some main points I have told you but I can’t tell you how to create a full app because it will be very lengthy process and it can be take up to 3 to 4 months I hope I helped you


Welcome to Community,

As @parmarparth996 said that will be a large project and you need to learn a lot things to do that, first take any app and try to copy that, where ever you need any help then ask, like how to create a method, not a complete app, how someone can describe a big project in words?


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Do at your own
And try many times
If you can’t suceed then ask for help
With some blocks not with full screen

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What help you need kindly let us know?
You first start with screen which have a signup/login system using firebase authencation.

just hire any developer for this project

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BTW, Do you want to sell Digital ( Downloadable) Products OR Physical Products which needs shipments to door step?

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what who is not you??

@krish.jha is saying that i am the one who post this question here.

Stop doing off topics!

Physical products