Custom ListView Extension [Paid] Any Type of Dynamic list create ( Infinite type of list )

Hello guys ,

Me and my extension developer friend @Deep_Host brings Any Type of Custom List View Extension for everyone.
The extension is very simple to use and highly useful for apps in which you want different types of lists .
Its such a revolutionary extension that you can create any type of dynamic list from it. You can add dynamic buttons , images, cardviews and arrangements as well !

Test AIA file and extension will be provided after purchase.

Price : Rs 100
Paypal $10 PayPal.Me

Contact me to get the extension :

Description :
The Extension supports any dynamic list having buttons , labels , arrangements and much more.
The extension is easy to use and very effective in application.
You can accept unlimited number of list items with the help of extention.

If you buy the extension you get lifetime support from us ( For creating custom list from us it will charge bit more ) . For any query you can contact us via an PM.

Please no personal info on the forum of any kind.

Few sample lists :

Blocks Image

Warmly ,
Hitesh K. Yadav


Is it possible to place linear progress on the cards?

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yes you can use 2 dynamic labels to create linear progress bar. extend one of the the label width and put other one as fill parent .

Mmm, that method doesn’t work for me (I use milliseconds for progress)
But thanks anyway

oh u need different progress bars working at the same time dynamically?

Yes :neutral_face:

yes you can do that. create a list and put it in clock. it will create multiple times in a second and you will get updating progress bars :smiley:

thank you for your contribution

@hitesh @Deep_Host Please follow the naming conventions, which are UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names, i.e. no underscores





It would be nice to have a video that demonstrates what can be achieved with your extension.

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@hitesh Do you have authorization to sell this ?

YES Obviously , thats why im doing this. cant you see i mentioned the developer in post as well ?
we sell extensions together.

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This is the official app( of deep host so if anyone wanna buy the extension, buy from the app…

CAUTION : Don’t buy the extension from anyone rather than the developer. Be aware from scammers.

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thanks for the app link. im selling it officially as well. we work together.

WoW very nice extension…keep it up boi

thank you buddy

ok sir thank you for the information. we will do that

These are official videos from the developer.
:point_right: YouTube

:point_right: YouTube

CAUTION : Don’t buy the extension from anyone rather than the developer. Be aware from scammers.

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It doesn’t have Grid, right?

I wanted to use the DeepHost GridView but the only possible background color is white

i wants to buy extension through google pay

Always buy from official developer’s app. You can download the deep host app to buy the extension. The price of the extension is 2-3 dollar so be aware…:money_mouth_face:

CAUTION : Don’t buy the extension from anyone rather than the developer. Be aware from scammers.