Firebase Authentication Template

Months after my original Firebase Login Template was released and fairly well-received by the community. I’m happy to present to you, the all new Firebase Authentication Template. A lot’s changed, but here’s the important details:

  • Unified Logon! It’s a user management system that relies on Realtime Database instead of Auth. It allows for logging in or signing up with the same button, and will be integrated in the future with other services I make, in the same framework. :wink:
  • Firebase Auth! That’s what you’ve been waiting for. :laughing:
    – E-mail: Sign Up, Log In, Reset Password…
    – Plus, Log in with Google.

The tabbed UI from the original template makes a comeback, and so does the double-tap exit. The “MainContent” screen is not crucial to the core template, and only demonstrates some additional functionality like Logout, and viewing basic user information.

The template is provided completely free of charge, although you can show your support via donations, or a mention in your app’s acknowledgements or “about” section.

:firebase: continues to be a property of :google:. I’m just tinkering.

Download Links:



Do send me bug reports and suggestions via mail or Telegram. :smile:

That’s all for now;
Happy Koding!


Nothing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Added screenshots to original post.

@kallysmashupuruguay you might want to see the screenshots. I have no idea whatsoever why CardViews in a ViewPager doesn’t work on your device. :confused:

If it works because before I did a similar login, I guess there was a small block overlooked

But it looks good!

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I didn’t quite get that. What do you mean? :sweat_smile:


Yes work on my phone

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@Kanishka_Developer, Can it work to log in to google calendar?

Your buttons in those screenshots heavily relay to my standards of soft because they’re rounded. Nice job!

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There is no such login method that I know of. :sweat_smile:

Can you guide them in detail with video?

Which part do you think needs to be explained more thoroughly? :sweat_smile:

Reset Password section

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