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Hey all new user here ,

I am making an app in which I want that the user should sign up with His/Her Google account I did some research, I was able to do the sign in with google through the Google sign up component but my doubt is how can I get the name of the google account

and is there any limit to use Google sign up component

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@Yashsehgal022 Here is information about the limits:- Firebase Authentication Limits
and You can get all information
from this block and profile picture can be loaded using image component !!

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very simple, use this super lite extension created by taifun

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And it’s just a account picker and cannot be used for authentication.


@themaayur Sorry I didn’t know that before and thanks for your help

@Jinx hey i just need the name of the user , will that be also paid and thanks for your help

just wanted to ask one more thing


that the account name is - [email protected] or the name of the account like xyz

It’s the email address. You can always convert [email protected] to xyz

I got you but there are many users whose Mail id is different and Name is different

Then you should use firebase authentication instead.

Ya i thought of that but thats paid :grimacing:

Have you seen this post?

Ya i saw and read both the posts but found it a bit complicated

I don’t think it is complicated. It is very simple if you followed the steps correctly. If you want the users name then you can acquire it by asking user to fill out his/her name. Add a textbox component and ask them to fill.
Otherwise you have to follow the steps given on the guide above. Someone will always be here to help you out whenever you stuck.
So try first.

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Are you using this component then you will be happy to know that this is not a firebase block and this is picking account from device without any charges or limit :smiley: :blush: :blush:

May i know your actuall expectation ? Because plenty of users suggested you to how to pick the email address while they sign up.

Still what you are looking? Serious i curious about it. After picking email address you can take their user names alone just by using the Regex method or by using replace blocks

whats that ?

ya i thought of it

Regular expression.

But I suggest you to use this one.

Select list item (split text at (@) get global username)
Index 1

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