[PAID] High Quality Log in & Sign Up Template [connected with FirebaseAuth]

First of all, Thanks to @Kodular for building such a wonderful platform :pray: I learned a lot of things about app development because of Kodular.

This is the first time I’m selling my work on this community.

Today I introduce a simple and attractive login/signup template that is connected with Firebase Auth. This template has awesome screen switching animations and it also has Google sign-in/sign up feature.

Here are some screenshots:

Sign up screen

• Sign up screen with high-quality interface

• Email and password text validation

• Google sign in support (Area blurred for security purposes)

• Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page

Log in screen

• High-quality interface with login with email and password

• Detailed validation for email and password and one-time login feature

• Reset password feature


Try the app: Template ID: 1582455409
Download APK (5.9 MB)

AIA file: [PAID]
PayTM: ₹120
PayPal: $3
(Send me a PM if you want to buy)

Please test the app and feel free to reply to me if you found any bugs.

Extensions used:
TextBox Tools and Label Line Spacing by @Ken
Taifun Tools by @Taifun
Phase by @Shreyash
Layout Dialog by @Jerin_Jacob

Note: Paid extensions are not included in the AIA file, you have to buy it from the seller.

• Need an app/icon/website/template?
Mail me your community name with detailed requirements on my email and I’ll send you the quotation with the detailed scope of work document.
Email: removed pm the seller

Thanks and best regards,


I removed your mailadres this is not allowed. Is any of the used extensions a paid one?


Oh I’m sorry!

Yes the Layout Dialog extension is paid. Should I remove it from the post?

You are not allowed to sell your aia with a paid extension. You bought it once from jerin jacob but are only allowed to share the apk not the aia without permission from him i guess.


According to me, every paid extension should have re-distribute license. It might charge more than a regular license, but it should have one.


Yes I agree. I know @Jerin_Jacob personally so I will ask him before selling the AIA.


I would love to have this but how can I contact you? don’t see any pm button.
Also, how can I get the extensions?


It’s not professional. But keep upgrading :+1: