I Have Create A Wallpaper App With All New Components Of Makeroid....Thank You Makeroid

What is the name of your app?

Instant Wallpaper

Describe your app:

The App Is Dynamic And Size Is Less Than 8mb. You Can Update Wallpaper From Airtable Easily Without Update And Two Option Set As Wallpaper And Download Option Is Given.


App Store/Download link:

Instant Wallpaper 3.1.apk (7.6 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

Wallpaper (1).aia (2.1 MB)


Can you share aia,I want to see block arrangements

I cant give you aia but i will send you screenshots of that app and also i have use card view extension.

I just want to the method and block arrangements

Ok, I have put the link check the post you will get that and also please download my app

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Great work I liked your app style

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Thank You For Using My App

Great work man… I liked your app…

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Thank you so much. Soon i will release a new version of it. Stay tuned for it.share my app please…

similar to my app?

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I don’t know you also…
I have created this app by own…
I haven’t copied the aia files or blocks…

stuck on loading wallpapers.


It can take 10 to 14 sec on the loading screen because of card view component it take time to arrange wallpaper and one more reason can be slow internet…Try When There Is Good Internet Speed And I Am working on it, next update the wallpaper will come fast…Thank You For Installing our App…

Did you change anything in your app or service which you attach with it? Because I waited for 1 min. and it’s constantly consuming my data (approx download speed = 150kbps) still nothing happens.


Let Me See My Airtable Data, I will Contact You Tomorrow…

ok but first try it yourself. what if this issue is only for me

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Ok I Will Try And New Version Coming Soon Stay Tuned For It, Try Our Other Apps You Can Download From :-

Thank You

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is it a dynamic app

Do you have captures of how to make the base in airtable?

Hello, can you please tell me where to get this card view extension ?