Minimal Wallpaper app ui

What is the name of your app?

Free wallpaper app (wallfree)

Describe your app:

Just minimal look. Not more not can swipe left right to wallpaper change


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)


Aia available at vedio description :blush:

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Please provide a direct link to the aia in this topic not in the description of the video.

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Ok the app is nice, but there is some problem

If we click on the nature category, the same wallpapers appear as that are on the homescreen(and also they are not related to ‘Nature’ in any way)

And if we click on any other category, then forever loading is displayed without any end result. Have a look at this screenrecording to have a clear idea


Sorry dude i am lazy that’s why i just copy table.& for lazzyness i only create 1 category.& this app was an demo app

error apk

Showing the same error at my side and never showing the wallpaper

Which screen.& how it’s possible. I think your network problem

Don’t know what is the actual problem but Internet speed is good.

It’s working fine in my phone

But not working on my phone. I have downloaded apk file of app from your given link.

Images are to big, to many etc

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Yeah that’s can you see this eror.test this app plz

I haven’t tested your app but looking at your images in assets, they are way to big, ex. 1920x1920 pixels


see tip 2 here



What should i do now. In this app there are 3 screen only

switch screens correctly and use the correct image sizes…
it does not make much sense to repeat everything from the tips again, does it?

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