How to Fix category image not loading problem?

I am Beginner in Kodular I want to learn How to make Wallpaper App
So I Use Another Aia File

-----------------MY PROBLEM-------------------------

I Got some problem in this aia
I not Understand why why categories images not loading

I not understand How To Fix This Issue I tryed many things But i not get any Solution
Please help Me

I already Search For this -Problem in Search Box But i not getting any solution

You will not able to find any issues if you see all blocks in the project as a whole. Divide it from the beginning and use “Do it” function in the companion.
So start from the beginning or start from the last point from where this error comes (in your case look for the dynamic cardview block)
In your case whenever you clicked that dynamic cardview, it doesn’t work like you wanted. so first check if the list you are loading is empty or have some items. I saw an error in the video you provided and according to that there is no such screen name as catwalls in your app.

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What is the version of your phone ?

Mi10 Android Version 10

Can you send an image to the blocks?

These are Blocks
How to Fix category image not loading problem?

I think this is Airtable

Your images are not accessible and thereby won’t show in your app…

Secondly, All your timers are screwing up your app…