Listview is not working

listview with images and titles is not working not adding items

All I hear … Every day… Not working … Not working…
But nobody write a topic with any details about a problem…



yes… its very annoying…
they just type “its not working” that’s it. no blocks, no error details, nothing. they just want solution for their problems.

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yes and to look into their aia and repair their problem

hy dear I checked simple apk only with listview image BELOW


this is main problem can you please tell me now any solution

first tell me why you are using 2 list view component. you can add multiple list using one list view too.

and second i tried the same blocks like yours on my system and its working, i think the problem is when you go back from screen2, the error showed up… if yes then to prevent that just add a block to close the screen2 before you go back to screen 1.

watch my blocks below. if your problem is solved then mark this ans as :white_check_mark:


no Dear When Screen Initialize its showing this error


Check if the names of images exactly matches with the images in your assets

kodular_test.aia (23.9 KB)

this is what i did. its working without any problem.