Dynamic Wallpaper App Created By Me Using Card View


(Krish Jotaniya) #1

What is the name of your app?

Instant Wallpaper

Describe your app:

Contains Many Categories Of Wallpaper
Dynamic App
We Can Update Categories And Wallpaper…


App Store/Download link:


(Vaibhav The Developer) #2

please correct your spelling mistakes

(Krish Jotaniya) #3

Tell me where are the mistakes

(Vaibhav The Developer) #4

Bye From Me At 3$
change the spelling of Bye to Buy

(anuragtekam0) #5

Really appreciate your work bro
Its awesome but you can improve your UI of selection category you can use instead a card view to make it look better and a mixing of good colours will be attractive

(Krish Jotaniya) #6

Thank You…I Will Be Changing It…

(Ndl Oficial) #7

Do you have captures of how to make the base in airtable? or can you pass me your base? I do not know how airtable works

(Krish Jotaniya) #8

I Will Send You…

(Nathan) #9

Hi @Krish_Jotaniya, Id like to let you know that the solution you or someone has marked as one has been unsolutionized because, you’re topic contains no issues or changelogs.

When was Kodular not a Community to search?

(Vishal) #10

your app don’t have enough features, the features you provide is a basic one, if you want to sell then add some advanced features like the post link given below, which is free of cost -