Dynamic Wallpaper App Created By Me Using Card View

What is the name of your app?

Instant Wallpaper

Describe your app:

Contains Many Categories Of Wallpaper
Dynamic App
We Can Update Categories And Wallpaper…


please correct your spelling mistakes

Tell me where are the mistakes

Bye From Me At 3$
change the spelling of Bye to Buy


Really appreciate your work bro
Its awesome but you can improve your UI of selection category you can use instead a card view to make it look better and a mixing of good colours will be attractive


Thank You…I Will Be Changing It…

Do you have captures of how to make the base in airtable? or can you pass me your base? I do not know how airtable works

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I Will Send You…

Hi @KrishJotaniya, Id like to let you know that the solution you or someone has marked as one has been unsolutionized because, you’re topic contains no issues or changelogs.

When was Kodular not a Community to search?

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your app don’t have enough features, the features you provide is a basic one, if you want to sell then add some advanced features like the post link given below, which is free of cost -